What Is CrossFit?

Commonly referred to as “The Sport Of Fitness,” CrossFit is defined as: Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement. “We’ve learned that harnessing the natural camaraderie, competition, and fun of sport or game yields an intensity that cannot be matched by other means,” Greg Glassman, Founder & CEO of CrossFit, Inc.

What’s It Like @ CrossFit Round Lake?

We use a 3-Level Programming System that allows our coaches to meet the individual needs of our members exactly where they are at any given time. This means that 3 levels of scalability are presented every day for every class so that beginners-to-advanced athletes are being challenged appropriately according to their ability level.

  • Level 1: Developmental
  • Level 2: Scaled
  • Level 3: “Rx” or Advanced
The 10 Domains Of Fitness

Unique from nearly any other sport, CrossFit seeks to mold the most well-rounded athlete on the planet. We do this by incorporating a wide range of attributes into our weekly programming:




What is Olympic Weightlifting?

In the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, the athlete attempts to lift a loaded barbell in two different ways. The first lift, known as the Snatch, consists of moving the bar from the ground to overhead in one complete motion. The second, known as the Clean & Jerk, is actually two separate movements. In the first phase of the movement, the lifter pulls the bar from the floor and attempts to receive it on his or her shoulders. From there, the lifter must move the barbell from the shoulders to overhead. This is known as the Jerk.

What do we do?

We are Tech Valley Weightlifting, and it is our mission to produce the healthiest and strongest weightlifters possible. Whether you are looking to have a good time and stay in shape or have a successful competitive career in the sport of weightlifting, we can accommodate you. Our programming and coaching structure allows for variability and accountability of everyone’s goals and expectations. Classes will be very open and fluid, but closely supervised by a coach at all times to ensure the safety and health of all participants.

How do we do it?

Our program utilizes many of the methods and practices developed by scientists during the heyday of the Soviet athlete. Drawing heavily on the work of Yuri Verkhoshansky, we have developed a system to build what we believe to be the strongest people possible. The Tech Valley Weightlifting program is centered on the American Open and it makes room for several opportunities to compete throughout the year.


What Is Spartan SGX?

Spartan SGX is a group exercise program that combines traditional running with obstacles that require strength and skill development. We prepare you for you a myriad of endurance goals, depending on what type of race you have in mind:

Trifecta Series
  • Spartan Sprint: 3+ miles / 20+ obstacles
  • Spartan Super: 8+ miles / 24+ obstacles
  • Spartan Beast: 12+ miles / 30+ obstacles

Endurance Series
  • Ultra Beast: 26+ miles / 60+ obstacles
  • Hurricane Heat: Team-based / 3-4 hours
  • Agoge: Team-based / 60+ hours

What’s It Like @ CrossFit Round Lake?

If you’d like to incorporate more cardio into your weekly workout routine, you are going to love this! We’ll prepare you for your next Spartan Race (or other obstacle course race) by improving your aerobic endurance and by fine-tuning your obstacle skills. You’ll get the hands-on coaching experience from Spartan SGX Certified Coach Melissa Manzer who competed on NBC’s “Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge!”

Overcome The Obstacles.

Being functionally fit means doing more with our minds, bodies, and spirits. Learn new skills, develop new strengths, and set out on new adventures with Spartan SGX at CrossFit Round Lake.