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Round Lake LiftOff


graphicThe Round Lake LiftOff is the Capital Region's first-ever event that will combine weightlifting with a test of general physical preparedness (GPP). Athletes will be tested in 3 events:
1 Rep Max Snatch
1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk
1 WOD (MetCon)

Using a 30 second clock, athletes will get three attempts at the Snatch & three attempts at the Clean & Jerk. Similar to an Olympic Weightlifting meet, the bar will be loaded in an ascending fashion throughout the session. Once all lifters have completed both lifts, the MetCon will ensue. Here, athletes will display their cardiovascular endurance.

The Sinclair scoring method will be used for the Weightlifting portion and typical CrossFit scoring will be used for the MetCon. You will be weighed-in upon arrival on competition day. This is NOT a USAW sanctioned meet, which means you do not have to register with USAW and you DO NOT have to wear a singlet!

At the end of the day, the top three finishers on the women's side and the top three finishers on the men's side will receive cash prizes! Each athlete’s overall score will be ranked against other athletes’ overall scores in the same session (females' session & males' session). The athlete with the highest overall score will be the winner for their session.

This is your opportunity to participate in a local Weightlifting meet without having to drop $200 on a USAW registration fee and a brandy-new singlet. PLUS, we're giving away free beanie hats to ALL registrants! You'll have your choice between a pom-pom beanie or a skull-cap beanie.

Get in on the action for just $55. Throw-down with us at CrossFit Round Lake on January 28th!

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

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